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Key Elements of a Boat Sound System

A Marine Audio system is much different than an auto sound system due to the conditions and noise levels on the water. The right car audio millersville will require a high CD signal-to noise-ratio for clarity of sound, and a lot of power to be heard over the wind, the waves, and motor of the boat. Power is measured in root mean square (RMS), and a higher number indicates the direct current and voltage output available within the system. Powerful speakers and amplifiers are also necessary. Most models include 4-way amplifiers, but more power can be added if desired. It is best to get water proof speakers, especially if they are back or tower speakers. Water resistant speakers will only withstand light rain and mild water spray, which will not be adequate for conditions on Chesapeake Bay, or the Atlantic Ocean.

If the radio is preferred over CDs or a portable music storage device, the system should have a wide frequency response and a low FM sensitivity. A satellite tuner is standard in most boat audio systems. That provides a strong signal so satellite services can be received up to two-hundred miles offshore. Purchasing satellite services has to be done separately because it is not included in the pricing of any systems. Most dealers who specialize in marine audio millersville also provide contracts or monthly plans for satellite radio services. Other features available on some models include blue-tooth compatibility, USB ports, and auxiliary connections. Receivers can also be purchased that include extra sets of outputs. That allows for the system to be easily expanded. Additional speakers, amplifiers, visual components, and navigational systems can be added little by little to accommodate changing needs and any financial constraints.

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Protection against direct sunlight, corrosion, rust, and extreme temperatures comes in different degrees, depending on the system model and the manufacturer. An experienced dealer can help boat owners select the best system for their boat sizes, needs, and preferences. Top manufacturers include Wet Sound, Sony, Clarion, Boss, and Fusion, among others. Staff can also ensure the owner purchases everything that is needed for proper and safe installation. That means patch cables, power and speaker wiring, mounts, and grounding units if needed. Accessories, such as covers, lighting, and remote control devices are also available. Installation can be tricky as many boats do not include a specific space for a stereo. Paneling may have to be cut, or wiring may have to be extended with longer cables. Professional installation is probably the safest option when considering a marine-quality system.